Monday, July 7, 2008

How to Avoid Being a Walking Mosquito Bite

I think mosquitoes must really like how I taste, but apparently they don't really have preferences. The little devils bite the people who are easiest to find.

Mosquitoes find us by our warmth, carbon dioxide (breathing) and certain skin chemicals (like lactic acid). Exercise Invites Mosquito Bites because you are warmer, breathe more, and lactic acid is produced.

Drinking alcohol is also said to make you mosquito bait.

So, pretty much doing anything fun outside in the summer makes you a target.

Best ways to keep from being eaten alive:
  • Wear light colored, loose clothing
  • Eat garlic or take vitamin B tablets (not proven to work but some swear by it)
  • DEET repellents work
  • There are plant-based repellents- Eucalyptus, soybean oil or citronella work but don't last as long
  • Some people swear by Listerine, but it is said to be a myth
  • Repellents made from Lemon Eucalyptus (an ingredient in Listerine) are natural and safe for clothes and skin
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