Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Art of the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

Warm gooey melt in your mouth Chocolate Chip Cookies...

Maybe you have the perfect secret family recipe, but for some of us, the Chocolate Chip Cookie is an art that is perfected over time (with plenty of trial and error on the way).

What I've learned? The more butter and sugar the better. Bake until the chocolate is gooey. Serve warm, with milk, and use good chocolate.

Here's some tips from expert cookie makers:

Quest for the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie -
  • " through the recipe first, make sure all the ingredients are at room temperature, use the best-quality ingredients you can find, don’t overmix."
  • The Rule of Thirds- Let the dough rest up to 36 hours for more even cooking, better texture, and richer flavor. Bigger is better- cookies up to 6" can be a real treat and you will get 3 rings of textures.
  • You'd be surprised, but a little coarse salt on top can make it even more amazing.

Also, check out this NPR Interview with Shirley Corriher- food scientist and author, about "how to build a better chocolate chip cookie".

Books about Chocolate Chip Cookies (I had no idea there were so many!)

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