Friday, June 13, 2008

Tips on Eating Less Meat

In my earlier post, The Protein Plan, I wrote about eating less meat and more of other protein sources. So far the plan is going very well. I have found my favorite cookbook very helpful in coming up with creative non-meat meals and meals with just a little meat. The author recently wrote an article in the NYTimes that seemed to speak right to me. His tips are summarized below.

The Minimalist -Putting Meat in Its Place -

1. Forget the protein thing- You can get quite a bit of protein from vegetables (they have more protein per calorie than meat). Average meat consumption of typical Americans is twice as high as recommended by the USDA, which is on the high side to begin with.

2. Buy less meat- Learn to accept smaller serving sizes. Use meat more as added flavor to a dish instead of serving a big hunk of meat.

3. Get it out of the center of the plate- Make the side dishes the center of the meal (vegetables, grains, beans, salads and fruit).

4. Buy more vegetables, and learn new ways to cook them- Stock the fridge and freezer and pantry with veggies, pasta, rice, beans, cheese, eggs, fish, bacon, and a little meat. Make dishes with what you have, get creative.

5. Make non-meat items as convenient as meat- Precook things for easy meals, cook a big batch of beans or grains and store in the fridge or freezer. Keep greens in a salad spinner, store blanched veggies to throw in stir fries or other dishes. (I started using a salad spinner and my salad consumption is through the roof!)

6. Make some rules- No meat for ___ . I have meatless breakfast and lunch during the week, only 3 dinners with meat per week. Weekends are anything goes.

7. Look at restaurant menus differently- Eat at restaurants that serve good non-meat dishes, or use going out to eat as a reward and eat a big steak if it makes you happy. Sharing meals also helps, and you can order extra sides if you need to.

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Wow thanks for sharing. I have adopted a new diet plan from Jillian Michaels & your information have motivated me lot for it.