Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fast Food Industry Hurts Southern Forests

Southern forests of North America, the most threatened forests in the US, supply 60% of US paper (15% of global). Over 30% of native Southeastern plant communities have become endangered.

Fast food restaurants are leaders in consumption of paper products and contribute to waste in landfills and litter on roadsides.

The Dogwood Alliance
, formed to increase awareness of the problems that Southern forests face. Their new campaign No Free Refills targets food packaging in the fast food industry.

To reduce their impact on the environment, the Dogwood Alliance suggests Fast Food Retailers
  • reducing packaging
  • use 100% post-consumer recycled boxboard
  • not use paper from endangered forests or industrial pine plantations
  • recycle waste
Examples of Progress:
Americans use 15 billion disposable hot beverage cups every year.
Starbucks now uses 10 percent recycled post-consumer cup (instead of non-recycled paper). This will save 11,000 tons of wood and 47 million gallons of water.

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