Monday, June 2, 2008

Electronic Junk in My Trunk

I have a broken printer in my trunk. I've been driving around with it in there for a few months now. I refuse to throw in in the trash, and I'm trying to recycle it. Really, I'm trying!
  • I tried to give it away for parts to family members and freecycle.
  • Goodwill only takes working items.
  • There are a few local stores (and online) that take them but charge $10 or more (I know, I'm cheap).
  • There was a free electronic recycling day announced in my town, but they forgot to mention where (and I forgot to follow up).
Lesson #1- Don't buy cheap printers anymore. They don't last very long, use too much ink, and you can't get rid of them.

Lesson #2- Why don't we have better electronic recycling programs? It it was easier to do, more people would recycle instead of throwing it out or stockpiling in the basement (or car trunk).

Fortunately there is hope on the horizon! Best Buy has announced a trial electronic waste recycling program in some stores. Maybe if I keep the printer in my trunk long enough, I will drive past one of those stores!

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