Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pesticide Residues in our Food (and Milk!)

I saw this article on Grist today: Got chemical and pesticide residues in your milk? Conventional milk contains toxics, says the USDA

They mention a report from the Organic Center on pesticide residues in our foods. It lists the conventionally grown foods that can contain the highest amounts of toxins (They also have a 2page summary that lists the top ones by domestic and import).

The scary part is the information about milk. Tests found that even organic milk (probably from industrial organic dairies) had trace amounts of pesticide residues, mostly from bio-accumulation of pesticides like DDT used many years ago. So, that brings up the industrial-organic question again. Is it worth twice the price to buy organic products if they are not that much better than conventional?

What to do? Give up dairy? I don't see that happening, especially here in Wisconsin, where it is a major food group. I imagine small local dairies, and pasture operations have better milk, but the costs would probably make it difficult to make the switch. Looks like I need to do some research!

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RedWickerBag Design said...

I agree, small local farms may be the answer! This topic reminded me of another Grist article I read: It talks about how CSA's work (Community-Supported Agriculture programs), where members of the community pre-pay farmers to help cover farming costs, and in return they get fresh locally-grown food all summer long! Sounds like a good way to support local economies and get fresh, good food!