Friday, March 7, 2008

Clearing the Clutter- in the Kitchen

I wrote this article after hearing about a new book, Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?, about how clutter in the home can be detrimental to our health. While some of it may be hype for another fad diet, I believe there is some truth to the idea that having a disorganized kitchen can make it difficult to eat healthy. If we have too many unnecessary gadgets and our cupboards overflowing because of our need to buy things, chances are our eating habits are similarly driven by a need to consume.
Organize your kitchen by clearing the clutter
I know there are probably people out there that can be perfectly happy and healthy in clutter, but for many of us, a house full of clutter can bring anxiety, inefficiency and stress to our daily lives. Clutter can start to get out of control in one area of your house and spread until it seems too overwhelming to tackle. Where do you start? It helps to think of the most used room in the house with the highest traffic. For many households, that would be the kitchen. We all have plenty of excuses why our kitchens are not clutter-free, but I'm here to say you will be amazed what a few simple changes can do. Let go of those excuses and get started! MORE...

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