Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Safe home air fresheners

I have long been searching for a safer alternative to chemical air fresheners (Most contain phthalates, which are linked to birth defects and hormonal imbalances) and scented candles (can release black carbon that can accumulate in your home and even damage the ventilation system, some candle emissions can also be hazardous to your health)

With the recently popular reed oil diffusers I suspected I had found a solution, but (surprise, surprise) they are way overpriced in the stores. I finally spotted one for a couple bucks at my local Goodwill store last week, and took it home to try out. I really liked how it worked, easy, safe, and with a light steady fragrance. Ever crafty and thrifty, I decided to experiment with making a version of the diffuser for another room with things I have around the house.

Make your own oil diffuser:
  1. Small jar, vase, or other non-porous container with a narrow neck to hold the oil
  2. Natural fragrance oils, or mix your own oil- baby oil plus essential oils or even perfume
  3. Porous wood to use for the reeds- bamboo, skewers, dowels, even interesting twigs or branches from your garden (I plan to try this later this year!)
  4. Put it all together, flip the sticks over for more fragrance

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McRachie said...

Hey thanks for the instructions! I tried making some but I couldn't get the bamboo skewers to draw the oil up. I bought some of the diffuser reeds on sale and they seem to work better. I'm posting pictures on my blog:

Thanks again!