Friday, February 29, 2008

Hopeful Homesteader

I am on a journey that I hope will someday take me to a more simple life, living on a few acres (or more!) in the country, living off my land in a sustainable way, getting back to my roots...

For now, I'm practicing on almost an acre of land, complete with old barn and chicken coop. The problem is, I'm smack dab in the middle of town. It's a small town, but big enough where the Village Clerk looks at you funny when you ask exactly how many chickens you are allowed to have in town.

I would really like to have a few chickens, we used to raise them growing up, and I miss the fresh eggs and knowing where my food came from. I have been looking into 'Chicken Tractors', cages or pens that are open on the bottom and moveable so the chickens can scratch to their hearts content. This should not only mow the grass, reduce weeds and bugs, but also provide natural fertilizer.

It looks like I will have plenty of time to research and plan my poultry project, because of our ambitious plans for the garden this year. One thing at a time, like I said, it's a journey...

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