Monday, February 18, 2008

Garden Journal

I have dabbled in vegetable gardening in the past, a pot of tomatoes here, a couple pepper plants in a corner there, some lettuce in the kitchen window. This year however, I'm jumping headfirst into gardening!

Last fall, we tilled up a corner of the yard, about 12'x25', formed beds, piled mushroom compost on top, and fenced it in. All winter we've been staring out at the mounds of snow, and dreaming and preparing. We planned the layout, ordered seeds, and stocked up on canning supplies.

As the piles of paper grew, we decided to organize it all in a garden journal. I used a 3 ring binder so that I could add as I go, use sheet protectors, dividers, and folders. It will be pretty heavy duty and hopefully last a while. I started looking online for templates for pages to put in the Garden Journal. The best one I found, with the most useful pages for what I want to do is at and also the Automatic Seed Starting Chart from 'You Grow Girl'.

Here are some others:
The Gardener's Five Year Journal
The New Three-Year Garden Journal: With Regional Planning Guides

Homestead Harvest also has a Canning and Preserving E-book that has some great information.

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