Thursday, January 3, 2008

Time For Spring Cleaning!

I decided to start out the New Year with a clean and clutter free house. I ended up with a pile of old electronic devices and cords that I was not sure how to get rid of.

Here are some recycling resources I found online:
  • A list of recyclers, some with fees and some with no fees
  • Takes back iPods and cellphones at no charge
  • Takes all cellphones and PDAs, no charge
  • Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation
  • Join a list service in your area to give away your old stuff
  • donates electronics to nonprofit groups, some of which teach disadvantaged people tech repair skills
  • takes cellphones (plus batteries and chargers), refurbishes them, and provides them as emergency lifelines for survivors of domestic violence
  • find a local drop-off recycling center to get rid of old Cathode-ray tube (CRT) TVs and computer monitors (CRTs can contains over 2 pounds of toxic lead)
  • Staples stores - take electronic devices (except TVs) for recycling ($10 fee for large items)
  • GreenDisk takes miscellaneous technology waste (CDs, tapes, games, digital cameras, cords, cables, VCRs...)

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