Thursday, December 6, 2007

Practical Gift Ideas for Gardeners

An article in the New York Times this week had some great ideas for gifts to give gardeners. I agree completely with her advice:

'Don’t give cute presents to your gardening friends. Avoid stones engraved with the words Love or Peace. Instead, think about what’s practical.'

Garden Gift Ideas:
  • A basket for collecting vegetables, herbs, or cut flowers from the garden
  • Gardening gloves- comfortable and strong
  • Sun protection- Nice looking Hat (for extra convenience, look for one that is washable and soft so it can be thrown into a bag and taken everywhere) or Long sleeve UV protection Shirts
  • Sunblock- I recommend Badger Sunblock 30SPF, it is made with natural ingredients and works great. Better for your skin and the environment (Badger also makes a bug repellent made with natural oils, it works for your backyard, but not so much in the deep woods)
  • Skin care- natural lotions or soaps for overworked hands (Update- see my post on Help for Springtime Skin)
  • Attractive thermometer or rain gauge
  • Compost bin or worm bin- many models available in all sizes and price ranges
  • Seeds- unique cultivars or heirloom varieties can be fun to try
  • Books- especially ones with lots of colorful plant pictures, they get a gardener through the winter, with ideas and inspiration for next spring
Springtime, Wrapped and Beribboned
By Anne Raver, Published in the New York Times: December 6, 2007

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